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Lila and Aravia

An ecologist fairy tale by ChatGPT and
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Temps de lecture : 7 minutes

Once upon a time, in a distant future, humans had explored and colonized many planets in the universe. Among them was a beautiful planet named Aravia, filled with lush green forests, shimmering lakes, and soaring mountains. The planet was home to various creatures, but the most fascinating of them all were the Aravians – fairies that lived in harmony with nature.



The Aravians were tiny creatures with sparkling wings, colorful dresses, and magical powers. They could control the elements, speak with animals, and make wishes come true. They were kind, gentle, and loved by all the creatures on the planet.

One day, a young girl named Lila from Earth arrived on Aravia. She was an adventurer and a dreamer, who had always longed to meet the magical beings she had read about in her books. Lila was amazed by the beauty of the planet, and she wandered around, exploring every corner of the forest.



As she walked, she stumbled upon a group of Aravians who were playing near a sparkling lake. They were surprised to see her, as no human had ever set foot on their planet before. Lila introduced herself, and the Aravians welcomed her with open arms. They took her to their village, where she met the queen of the Aravians, a wise and beautiful fairy named Aurelia.

Aurelia listened to Lila’s stories about Earth and was fascinated by the advancements humans had made. She asked Lila to take her to Earth so she could see it with her own eyes. Lila agreed and promised to take Aurelia to Earth the next day.

The next day, Lila and Aurelia flew to Earth on a magical cloud. Aurelia was amazed by the tall buildings, the bustling crowds, and the advanced technology. Lila took her to the city’s largest museum, where they saw many amazing artifacts from the past.



While they were admiring a display of ancient fairy tales, they noticed a strange device. It was a time machine, and it had a sign that said “Do Not Touch.” Lila and Aurelia couldn’t resist the temptation, and they decided to use the machine to travel to the future.

The time machine took them to a distant planet, far away from Earth and Aravia. The planet was barren, with no trees, no water, and no life. Lila and Aurelia were shocked and saddened by the sight. They asked a passing robot what had happened to the planet.

The robot explained that the planet was once a beautiful world, much like Aravia, but the humans had destroyed it with their greed and disregard for nature. The robot showed them images of Earth in the future, and they saw that it too had become a barren wasteland.



Lila and Aurelia were filled with sadness and despair. They knew they had to do something to prevent this future from becoming a reality. They decided to use their powers to spread a message of love and respect for nature.

They flew back to Aravia and spoke to the Aravians and the creatures on the planet. They told them about the dangers of greed and the importance of preserving the natural world. The Aravians and the creatures listened attentively, and they promised to do everything they could to protect the planet.

Lila and Aurelia then decided to spread their message to other planets, and they traveled from one planet to another, spreading the message of love and respect for nature. They met many different creatures and humans, and they were happy to see that their message was being heard and understood.

Years passed, and the planets in the universe became united in their efforts to protect nature. The Aravians and the other creatures on Aravia lived in harmony with each other, and the planet thrived.

Humans on Earth also began to change. People started to realize the importance of preserving nature, and they worked together to create a sustainable future. Trees were planted, animals were protected, and the air and water were cleaned up. The barren wasteland of the future became a distant memory.

Lila and Aurelia were hailed as heroes throughout the universe. They had inspired a movement that had saved countless planets from destruction. They continued to travel, spreading their message of love and respect for nature, and helping those in need.



One day, as they were flying through space, they received a message from an unknown planet. The message was a distress call, and it said that the planet was being destroyed by an unknown force. Lila and Aurelia knew they had to help, and they flew to the planet to investigate.

When they arrived, they saw a massive spaceship hovering over the planet. The spaceship was emitting a strange energy that was destroying everything in its path. Lila and Aurelia flew up to the spaceship and saw that it was manned by an alien race that was intent on conquering the universe.

Lila and Aurelia knew they had to stop the aliens, but they were no match for their advanced technology. Just when all seemed lost, the creatures of Aravia and the other planets arrived to help. They had heard the distress call and had come to defend their fellow beings.

A great battle ensued, and it was fierce. The Aravians and the other creatures fought bravely, using their powers to counter the alien weapons. Lila and Aurelia joined in, using their powers to create a shield around the planet, protecting it from the alien energy.



Finally, after hours of fighting, the aliens were defeated. The spaceship exploded, and the alien threat was no more. The creatures of Aravia and the other planets celebrated their victory, and Lila and Aurelia were hailed as heroes once again.

From that day on, the creatures of the universe knew that they were not alone. They had each other, and they had the power of love and respect for nature. Lila and Aurelia continued to travel, spreading their message and helping those in need. They knew that the future was bright, and that as long as they worked together, they could overcome any challenge.


Created by IA tools: Chat GPT and DALL-E, guided by Roland Beaussant from



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28 Feb 2023

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